Faculty of
Health Sciences
Capacity Enhancement Project (CEP)

AGREE II Instrument Tools


The CEP has developed a number of tools to facilitate the use of the AGREE II instrument.


AGREE II Training Tool

The training tool helps new users of the AGREE II instrument become familiar with the instrument domains and rating system. Users are guided through an example guideline where hints and opportunities to view how other appraisers rated items are provided for each domain. The training tool is currently under study and will be available soon.


AGREE II Score Calculator

The score calculator allows guideline appraisers to enter their individual AGREE II scores for a guideline. The calculator will accomodate the scores of up to four appraisers and calculates an overall score for each domain.


AGREE II Score Sheet

The 1-page score sheet is a convenient way for appraisers to record their AGREE II scores for all of the instrument domains. The scores can then be quickly accessed and inputted into the score calculator.


AGREE II Rater Concordance Calculator

The rater concordance calculator is a tool to determine the number of AGREE II raters required to achieve concordant results across raters.